Many of your questions can be answered here.

25 years ago, two independent business owners met while working on separate projects for the same client. Very quickly they became great friends and decided if they ever had a chance to create a business together, they would.

When the time came to name the joint business venture the decision was pretty easy. With one living in Seattle, WA and the other living in Portland, OR — SeaPort Web Design, LLC was born.

Of course, these days with the internet available just about everywhere you'll find SeaPort Web Design contributors anywhere from Seattle to Portland to Boise to Cheyenne to Melbourne, Australia to Milan and Florence, Italy.

Basically we're a live-and-let-live group of folks. However, if your message isn't ‘web friendly' and inclusive, please look elsewhere for your web needs.

First of all, we calculate billable time in 30-minute windows. So it behoves you to bring two, or three, or four things for us to do at once.

For example, don't ask us to change the word ‘the' to ‘a' and be done with it. Ask us to make that edit, and then create a new simple form, and then add 3 new testimonials for the wonderful services you're providing to your clients.

If you need updates that go beyond your monthly hour allotment, we'll send you an estimate for the time and costs involved. If you approve the estimate, we'll turn it into an invoice and bill you. Once you've funded the invoice, we'll jump right on the project.

Absolutely! But we'll have to invoice you for our time. Typically, you'd contact us with the changes you'd like, we'd scope the project, and send you an invoice. Once you've paid, we'll put your project on the docket and get it done ASAP.

But honestly, depending on how many changes you expect to make over the year, you should upgrade to a plan that includes content updates. It could be more cost-effective for you.

No. We are affiliated with, and They've been providing world-class hardware, software and tech support to companies like ours for years and years. With them behind us, we're able to confidently provide our customers with superior add-on services.

We keep your first and last names, your email address and your phone number if you provide it. That's it!

Absolutely! We never store any of your credit card details on our website. In the unlikely event that we're hacked, the hackers can't use what they can't find. And they can't find what doesn't exist.

Any non-premium, general Top Level Domain that is available! If you already have a domain, but no website, we can still host your website.

Absolutely! But you should know that we work with WordPress websites exclusively. If your website isn't a WordPress site, we'd be happy to quote you a price to rewrite it for you. If your website is a WordPress site, we'll need to do an audit of your site to determine what tools were used to create it. If everything is up to date, and we have all the tools in-house, we'll get you a quote ASAP.

If your website tools are outdated, heavily modified, or ones we have to license specifically for you, we'll quote you a price.

Our goal will be to get your site up to date, using the latest versions of the best tools. We want to be able to grow your website as your needs grow.

Absolutely! We'd be happy to provide you with an estimate of the work involved. Reach out and let's get started!

It depends on your host, the plan you're on and how long your time commitment with them is. Basically, the best time to do this is just before your next renewal period. You should start investigating the process about 60 days before you renew. If you're planning on doing this, you'll want to log into your current hosting account and disable any kind of auto-renewal function that's active. This will stop the current host from billing you if life keeps you busy and the date slips past you.


On the day that The Voice Actor's Webmaster, Inc. decides to announce that we're closing our doors, an email will be sent out to all current customers explaining our intent. We immediately will make available to you a copy of the most recent backup of your website that we have. We will keep our door open for a minimum of 30 day after our announcement so that current customers can have their questions about their website answered.

You bet it is! We strive to give you the best service at the lowest possible price.


Everything on the web is measured by bandwidth. In order to use the least amount (and thus saving us both big $$$ in the process), we only use MP3s on our websites.

Because of the video streaming service we use, we can be a bit more flexible with the video formats we can use: MP4 and MOV are the most popular.

We can use virtually any format you want, but the best format to give us for logos, pics, etc, is PNG with a TRANSPARENT background. We cannot stress the transparent background strongly enough. With a transparent background we can be much more flexible with the color scheme we use on your website. If you're unable to get us a logo (for instance) with a transparent background, then the coloring of the background of your web page usually has to match.

Of course! You'll get back every penny you've paid us if you decide you don't want us to build your website until the first of the follow two events occurs:

  1. 30 calendar days go by
  2. We go live with your website

Stated another way, you get all your money back if you cancel before 30-days go by — OR — before we go live with your website, whichever comes first. Quite often, we can complete and go live with your website in under a week! Once we've done that, you can no longer get your money back.