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The Voice Actor

You're a voice actor. An artist. You act. You emote.

You record. You edit.

Commercial copy. Video games. Characters. Narration. Audio books. Just to name a few, of course. Your primary focus is on your performance, your audio, your clients and their projects.

But you also need your own marketing materials — a website! A website helps your prospective customers get a feel for your style and get a glimpse of what it might be like to work with you and the quality of the work they can expect from you.

The Voice Actor's Website

So what do you need? Among other things:

  • A great domain
  • A reliable web host
  • WordPress (software)
  • A WordPress theme
  • WordPress plugins
  • SSL certificate (better for SEO)
  • Backup software
  • Security software
  • FTP accounts (to upload your demos)
  • Video and audio players

And then of course, you have to build/develop your website. Not insurmountable, but certainly time consuming.

It's our position that you'd be better off in your studio. Working. Creating. Producing.

Earning $$ (or £ or € or ₣ or ¥ or whatever)!

The Voice Actor's Webmaster

Everybody's different.

You might be a technical wizard! Getting a domain, setting up your account at your web host, loading software, building websites, loading your voice and video demos, keeping software secured and updated — might not be a big deal to you. If so, you rock!

But if you're more comfortable in the studio honing your craft than you are with SSL certificates and FTP accounts — we can help!

There's nothing you won't do for your clients — and there's nothing we won't do for ours (you!).

Let us assume your website duties and here's what you get:

One (1) Free Domain

For as long as you're with us on an annual plan, we'll pay for your domain registration.

Web Hosting

With the superb services and support of Bluehost and A2Hosting behind us, we'll host your website.

Multiple Website Designs

Limited only by your imagination. All 100% responsive (mobile, smartphones, tablets)!

Website Creation

It's been our experience that developing VO websites is quick, easy and economical — and you benefit. For voice actors, we'll waive our development costs!

Web Content Updates

Need to update your content? We'll do it for you – for up to one hour per month!

Audio Hosting

No need to worry about website bandwidth. We'll host your audio demos!

Video Hosting

We'll host your video demos too! No joke!

Blog Page

Do you keep your VO clients updated with a blog? Pick a plan that includes blog setup.

Weekly Complete Backups

Once a week we'll backup your entire website in case the worst happens.

Free SSL Certificate

Show your customers that you have a secure website. You'll get the green padlock as well as the desired ‘https://'.

Advanced Security

Beyond the green padlock, we'll secure your website from attack with sophisticated security tools.

Weekly Software Updates

All the tools used to created, secure and maintain your website are themselves in need of updates. We'll take care of all this for you.

Unlimited Email Addresses*

Of course, you'll need, but what else? Whatever email address you need for your domain, we'll create it for you - based on plan.

Gmail Integration

If you don't have a Gmail account, you should! There's no better email client out there. Did we mention that it's free? We'll integrate your website email address with your Gmail account.

Basic Google Analytics

Basic Google Analytics including: Page views, outbound clicks, link attribution, anchor tracking, file downloads, affiliate links.

SEO Tools

Want to improve your search engine ranking? We use the best SEO tools available to help you make that happen - based on plan.

24/7 Support

Our support ticketing system is open 24/7! Need an update? Want to add a new page? Having issues? Create a ticket and we'll get on it!

Simple Forms

We're real pros when it comes to forms. Got simple needs? We've got simple, graceful solutions.

Some of our Happy Clients

Bill DeWees

"Creating and maintaining your VO website is too import to leave in the hands of just anybody. They need to be: Responsive, Reliable, and Trustworthy. That’s why Jeff Bianchi is the ONLY person I trust with!"
View Website

Mallory Handford

"I had no idea where to start when building my website. Jeff made the whole process SO simple and easy, not to mention, very affordable! I can't recommend Jeff enough!"
View Website

Angela Clark

"Jeff has been amazing! I came to him totally clueless about what I needed and how to get started. He guided me through the process with such a great attitude. He always takes the time to explain when I have questions. He makes changes and updates to my website as soon as I request it. I am always amazed at how fast updates and changes are made. He is considerate and offers his professional opinion when I ask him for advice. He has never made me feel bad for not understanding technical terminology which is very important to me. My voiceover business has really grown and Jeff has made sure my website continues to grow as well. I couldn't do it without him!"
View Website

Michael Robbins

"I originally heard about Jeff's company "" during one of my Bill DeWees zoom meetings, I'd been wanting to get a website and his hosting and pricing sounded perfect for me, I had most of my things he needed all ready to go and Jeff had me up and running (no joke) in less than 24 hours. I had already purchased my domain name, so the rest fell into place-- Logo, demo material, email. All of my communication with him ever since has been top level and lightning fast, if you're looking for a web host that services his clients quickly, I can't recommend Jeff and his company more!"
View Website

Vincent Caruso

"Jeff defines the spirit of patient and collaborative partnership. I had some very specific ideas about my voiceover website - not just my aesthetic, but the enjoyable and efficient user experience I wanted all visitors to have. Jeff was available almost around the clock to answer my questions and manage all my many requirements. In addition, I had some web design ideas that were a bit out of the box - and Jeff always said 'let me see what I can do.' And then he DID IT. His inquisitiveness and then implementation was absolutely A plus. His support before, during and now after has been continuous. And, I’ve been complimented on my website by many VO talent colleagues as well as clients and business associates, too! Thanks so much, Jeff!!"
View Website

Larry Mauro

"I first heard about Jeff and the Voice Actor's Webmaster from a Bill DeWees video discussing the importance of a voice actor having just the right web site for their business. I reached out to Jeff right away and he responded quickly. We started an open communication tossing back and forth ideas for my site. And this was even before I signed up. After looking at the other sites he's designed as well as Jeff having no issues with creating everything I wanted for my site, I signed up. Jeff captured my brand right away and made a far more professional looking site for my voice over business than I could have come up with. And his customer service is outstanding. Every time I need a little tweak here and there to my site or even if there's something that might take a little bit more work, Jeff has it done in the blink of an eye. And on top of that his pricing is extremely affordable and competitive. I'm sticking with Jeff and his team for the long haul!"
View Website

Mese Smith

"Working with Jeff is great! He’s always willing to help with any questions and concerns you may have and he’s very very patient. I created my logo and had some ideas and Jeff helped bring it all to life. Any changes I wanted, he made them. He also had great suggestions. I feel that my website is in good hands with Jeff and that’s why I’ll continue to use him for all of my website services. Thanks again for everything, Jeff!"
View Website

Mel Rose

"It is impossible to overstate the wonderful experience that I have with your web design service and my designer, Jeff Bianchi. From sign up to "live", the entire process was smooth and easy, and actually a lot of fun. (Who knew?!) For me, it is very important to work with someone who really listens to you, and how you want to represent yourself. Jeff provided the perfect balance between hearing what I wanted, and adding his experience, perspective and suggestions for my site. I felt heard all the way, and am very happy about the final product. I'm also looking forward to the great plan, that I signed up for, to update and add demos and other information, as I grow my business. If you are more artist then tech person, or just really want to focus your time on the other aspects of growing your business, you can not go wrong with Seaport ... and I'd say eleven outta ten stars if you are lucky enough to have Jeff help you out! Many, many thanks!"
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John Skovmand

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Jeff and the entire team at SeaPort Web Design have been nothing short of phenomenal. We started designing my website on a Friday. It was live the following Monday. Jeff worked with me through the weekend to make sure everything was right. Over the next week or so, I kept sending him ideas for my website. Those ideas were implemented within an hour or two, and often sooner. I am extremely satisfied with my website. Highly recommended!
View Website

How Much Is It?

You're concerned about your bottom line — as you should be.

Believe it or not, we're concerned about your bottom line too. So here's what we've come up with:

  1. $299 set up fee
  2. As low as $28 monthly fee

That's it!

No extra fee for us to build your website. No extra fee for our premium themes. No extra fee for our premium plugins. No extra fee for our premium security and backup tools. No extra fee for us to host your audio and video demos.

Let's look at it another way:

Save even more by going with an annual plan! Go annual and you'll get 12 months for the price of 11!

How Long Does All This Take?

We can move at an incredible pace — if you can. One of our clients signed up for service on Thursday, July 9th at 5:26pm and his website was live on Friday, July 10th at 12:50pm. Michael Robbins was ready to go. Within hours he provided us with all the materials we needed to get his website fleshed out. After a few emails back and forth for updates and suggestions, he gave us the OK to go live with his new website.

Take a look:

Reach out to Michael about his experience working with us. And don't worry if you're not as prepared as he was. The most important thing is to get the process started. 

How Do I Get That Kind of Service?

The quick and easy answer: Sign up!

The longer answer is that there are a number of things that we'll need before your website can go live. Not everything is required, but the more you have, the better your website will look:

  • Logo.
  • Audio clips in MP3 format. Must be MP3, we cannot use WAV or other format types.
  • Video clips. Originals are always preferred, however, if you have YouTube videos that you want to feature on your website, we can do that too.
  • Picture of you (face).
  • Short bio — a paragraph or two.
  • Studio equipment list.
  • Industry niches you'd like to record for.
  • Gmail account or other email client capable of receiving and sending POP3 emails (don't worry, we'll help you figure this one out).

Don't have all these items yet? Don't worry about it. Let's go with what you have, and we can add to it as your website development progresses.

Ready To Go?

Let's Make it Happen!

Are you ready? Let's launch your new website! We'll need some information to get going, but not too much.

We'll contact you to get your project underway.